Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's the big bullies said about our research in Malaysia

I was in a business review meeting with my GM at my principle office last Sat. Five of us (three from my principle; the Country Manager, the Regional Business Director and the Regional Vice President) was discussing what are the strategies in 2009.

In my personal opinion, as a scientific product/ service/ solution provider, we have the responsibility in nurturing our scientific researches. But feel very sad to said this, Mr. Tan, the Regional Vice-President (a Malaysian) commented that our researches have no brain during the meeting. It is useless to emphasize too much on technical/ application knowledge when selling instruments. Just need to buy them good things is more than sufficient to close the deal.

I was shocked with his statement. I hope I will have opportunity to work with a better principle in the future that have the same mission like me -- to nurture our local researches and researchers.

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