Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's the big bullies said about our research in Malaysia

I was in a business review meeting with my GM at my principle office last Sat. Five of us (three from my principle; the Country Manager, the Regional Business Director and the Regional Vice President) was discussing what are the strategies in 2009.

In my personal opinion, as a scientific product/ service/ solution provider, we have the responsibility in nurturing our scientific researches. But feel very sad to said this, Mr. Tan, the Regional Vice-President (a Malaysian) commented that our researches have no brain during the meeting. It is useless to emphasize too much on technical/ application knowledge when selling instruments. Just need to buy them good things is more than sufficient to close the deal.

I was shocked with his statement. I hope I will have opportunity to work with a better principle in the future that have the same mission like me -- to nurture our local researches and researchers.

2009 good year to get married?

Planning to get married in 2009. Hope it will be a good fortune year :)

Bull year coming... Hoping it will be a bullish year in stock market.

P.S. I will be posting my wife-to-be photos soon. Stay tuned!

Going to be 30 lor....

Looking forward for my 30th Birthday. Need to think a lots more when making decision when reach this critical age.
Hope this economy downtime won't affect too much on my plans..


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PGL International Business School

Customer ranking 101

Below is very useful guideline for sales and marketing staff to plan their visit to customer.
1 - Important and Urgent
2 - Important but Not Urgent
3- Not Important but Urgent
4- Not Important and Not Urgent

Negara Brunei Darul Salam

Brunei is a good place to visit if you like nature. I got chance to visit Brunei for my business trip there. Fuel is cheap (Brunei Dollar 0.55 cents/ liter) as they are oil producing country. Brunei currency exchange rate is RM 2.4 to B$ 1.0

The link provide very informative for those would like to visit Brunei http://www.tourismbrunei.com/home.html

I stayed at The Empire Hotel during my business trip. Very worth to stay there is you able to get a good price. I am paying B$165 per night inclusive breakfast. More information can be access from http://www.theempirehotel.com/

Some photos taken at The Empire Hotel during night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tokyo trip 21 to 25 March 08

After 6 and half hours on the plane, finally reach Tokyo at 6:30 am (Tokyo local time, GMT + 7 hours). First place to visit is a temple. Weather was cool and windy. 10 degree Celcius.
A lot of shops selling sourviniers, snacks, clothes, electronics and etc. Things are expensive over here. A small keychain can cost from 450 Yen to 850 Yen. 100 Yen is equal to RM 3.15.

Spent about 3 hours over here including lunch before going to next destination, Harajuku.

Sakura flowes blooming at the temple. Its only last for 7 days.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Jokes of March 2008

Boss: Are you getting ready for the coming Tokyo reward trip?
The Kuli: Not yet.
Boss: I am bringing instant noodle cup to there. Food is expensive at there. RM 30 per instant noodle cup.
The Kuli:............................

Moral of the joke:
Bring one BIG carton of instant noodle there to sell. 200 yen per cup (equivalent to RM 6.30). Good business.